CY-PROPLUS auctions, offers to any interested party, free of charge, estimation to any product a customer wishes to sell at Cy-proplus site. Our experts will evaluate your product and assist you to a successful sale, within our well established network. Therefore, you have the chance, with no additional cost to find out the cost of all kind of industrial equipment, real estate and valuable antiques, gem stones, jewelry, old master painting and other antiques you might own.

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Send us an email and we will evaluate your item for you. Our experts will review the pictures received by your side , a detailed description and if possible a video and can provide you with a quick preliminary valuation of your item. Make sure that you include pictures of stamps, marks or signature. Remember that as many high resolution photos you send us, we can reach to a more accurate valuation. If you decide to proceed and add your product in our auction list then you will have to first sign a contract with Cy-proplus and agree to our auction’s terms and conditions. An appropriate reserve price will also be suggested beforehand.


Our real estate promotions is your ling to world of property
We promote to potential customers real estate property, we undertake to bring in contact seller with buyers, If you sell a property just send us full details of the property, and we will bring you in contact with potential client, If you want to buy just let us know the property you want from the list we publish, if you can’t find the property you want in our list, let us know the type and budget you want to invest and we will find it for you

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